About Us

Prime Value is an award winning boutique Australian investment manager established in 1998. Based in Melbourne, Prime Value applies a high conviction, benchmark unaware approach to investing in Australian Equities. Prime Value; together with associated company Shakespeare Property Group currently manages over $1 billion in Australian Equities, cash like instruments and commercial property.

At Prime Value we are old fashioned stock pickers. We believe the reliance on market indices as an investment process is inefficient and instead we concentrate on understanding the underlying business model to better understand the risk/reward proposition of the investment opportunity. We avoid the fashionable and shy away from the herd-like behaviour of the market. We invest into companies, not stocks.

As a boutique investment manager we offer the opportunity for investors to invest alongside the business owners and investment team which means that our interests are truly aligned. This is where our business motto “Building Wealth Together” becomes more than just a slogan.

Benefits of investing with Prime Value

Stewardship – Prime Value has been co-investing with its investors since 1998. Managing our
investors’ money is our primary purpose, a role we treat with the utmost responsibility and prudence.

Independence – Prime Value’s ownership is open and transparent. Freedom from institutional
constraints allows us to act in investors’ best interests with an eye to the long term, rather than short
term performance measures.

Risk Management – Prime Value has a strong history of protecting investors capital in difficult markets.
We believe the Investment professional who makes the least mistakes generally produces superior
results over time – the goal is satisfactory returns whilst minimising the risk of permanent capital loss.

Culture – Prime Value has developed a culture which is inclusive and collaborative. Ideas are shared
across the team and this approach is reflected in the longevity and stability of the investment team.