Investing via IDPS or Platform

You may access the Prime Value Funds via various Investor Directed Portfolio Services (IDPS) (commonly known as Platforms, Wraps or Master Trusts). You will be issued Class B units.

Platform PVOF PVGF PVIF Contact
Asgard Visit the site
Ausmaq Visit the site
BT Wrap & BT Superwrap Visit the site
Hub24 Visit the site
IOOF Global One Visit the site
Macquarie Wrap Solutions Visit the site
Netwealth Visit the site
Powerwrap Visit the site
Symetry Visit the site
Wealthtrac Visit the site

The above IDPS offerings are associated with a variety of “badged” versions. Please seek advice from your financial adviser. Indirect Investors do not complete the application form and do not receive reports directly from Prime Value. You should refer to the documentation relating to your IDPS or IDPS like scheme for further information, including details of any additional fees and charges that may apply.

Prime Value recommends that you contact your financial adviser for specific information on IDPSs. For general information about indirect investments, please contact us.