Margin Lending

The following institutions offer margin lending arrangement into the Funds offered by Prime Value Asset Management Limited:

Margin Lenders Website Lending Ratio PVGF Lending Ratio PVIF
ANZ Margin Lending 70% 70%
ASB Securities 60% 60%
BT Margin Lending 70% 70%
CommSec Margin Lending 75% 75%
Goldman Sachs JBWere Pty Ltd 50% N/A
Leverged Equities Margin Lending 70% 70%
Macquarie Margin Lending 75% 75%
National Australia Bank Margin Lending 70% 70%
St George Margin Lending 70% 70%
Suncorp Metway Limited Margin Lending 75% 75%


Margin lending provides a line of credit that allows you to use borrowed funds using your existing approved shares, managed funds or cash as security. Using these borrowed funds, you can purchase additional shares and/or managed funds. Margin lending increases the investment risk through leveraging. Only investors who understand the risks of leveraging and have the financial capacity to accept these risks should consider using margin lending. Margin calls can arise due to a variety of circumstances such as market movements or performance of individual securities. As margin calls need to be met within a strict timeframe, you need to consider this when deciding if margin lending is suitable for your individual circumstances.

Prime Value strongly recommends that you seek independent financial, taxation and legal advice before entering into any margin lending transaction.