04 Feb 2021




Invitation to join Prime Value Equity Portfolio Managers  ST Wong and Richard Ivers for an Interactive Webinar and Q&A

2020 was a disastrous year for the global economy, yet equities had a great run. Looking into 2021, where do we go from here? Naysayers are worried that markets have gotten way ahead of themselves, while opportunists want to know if they should position their portfolios for an economic recovery.

The webinar will be hosted by Andrew Russell, Senior Relationship Manager and will be joined by Equity Portfolio Managers, ST Wong and Richard Ivers to discuss their predictions for the economy and markets in 2021. They will discuss the risks that face an economic recovery (such as the different strains of the virus that may be more contagious), but also if we are being too cautious with the roll out of vaccines globally.

The webinar will include: 

  • The 2021 economic rebound is underway – should you buy the rebound or are valuations stretched?
  • “The economy is like a coiled spring” says ST Wong.  Periods like these present risk and opportunities – hear where the biggest ones lie.
  • Hear which stocks and segments look attractive and expensive
  • Our equity funds performed strongly in 2020 – don’t miss the opportunities presented in 2021
  • An interactive Q&A discussion with our Equity Portfolio Managers 

Please submit any questions to Andrew Russell: arussell@primevalue.com.au

We look forward to presenting to you and your family and friends.

Please click the link below to RSVP and you will receive an email confirmation with the zoom link to attend the webinar.

Kind regards,

Andrew Russell, ST Wong, Richard Ivers


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