Prime Value Emerging Opportunities (Companies) Fund

The Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund was established on 8 October 2015. The Fund invests mainly in small and micro cap stocks, with market capitalisation of less than $500m.

Feature Fund Facts
Portfolio Manager Richard Ivers
Investment objective To achieve superior total returns by providing medium to long term capital growth without the constraints of a share market benchmark. A long only concentrated fund that leverages Prime Value’s fundamental research capabilities while minimising the risk of permanent capital loss.
Benchmark 8% p.a.
Inception Date 8-Oct-15
Cash limit 0-20%
International Exposure 0-10%
Distribution Half-yearly
Recommended investment period 3 years +
Annualised Return 13.5%
Minimum Investment $20,000
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Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) 1.25%* p.a.
Performance fee 20%**
* Unless otherwise stated, all fees quoted are inclusive of GST and the relevant RITC
** of performance (net of management fees) above the agreed benchmark, subject to a high water mark




1. Benchmark refers to an index or measurement that is used by an investment manager to assess relative performance of an investment portfolio.
2. Prime Value reserves the right to accept less than the above minimum investment or to reject an application in whole or in part.
3. Unless otherwise stated, all fees quoted in this PDS are inclusive of GST, after allowing for an estimate for Reduced Input Tax credits (RITC).

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