Future Generations Program

Prime Value is one of Australia’s most trusted investment managers with an impressive history of building wealth with investors. Since the company’s establishment in 1998, Prime Value management team and staff have dedicated much passion, effort and commitment in community support and philanthropic activities. These activities include the development and delivery of foundation and education, generational wealth, and family culture and well-being programs.


In 2019, Prime Value launched its first “Future Generations Program” with the purpose to provide practical and valuable work placements, and financial knowledge to high school students across Victoria. The program was well received and highly valued by both students and their parents.


Since then, Prime Value senior management, fund managers and staff continue to devote time and share experiences to help guide and equip young students with information about the financial sector, stimulate interests, and develop and enhance financial intelligence through practical strategies, approaches and real life case studies.


Prime Value have provided the student program to more than 100 students from high schools across the Melbourne metropolitan area. We will continue to evaluate and refine the program to ensure that the objective of inspiring interest in financial awareness and intelligence are achieved. Through the program, we endeavour to instil stewardship mind-set to build confidence, resilience, accountability and leadership capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you’ll need to know about our Future Generations Program

There are limited places available for each program. We will consider applications from students who are in Year 10 and above.

If you are interested, please submit your resume via our collaboration education partners or email, cover letter and other supporting documents are optional but highly recommended. All applicants will be reviewed by our fund managers and analysts. If you have received interview confirmation email from Prime Value, please respond as soon as possible to inform us your availability.

During each program, we will feature the four main asset classes Prime Value offers. This includes basic financial knowledge of income securities, equities, property, and alternative assets. Students will also be provided tasks and case studies that are either Prime Value’s current or previous investments and projects, with plenty insights on investment and the asset management industry.

Upon completion of the program, you can expect to gain a good knowledge of the financial system, practical investment strategies and approaches, and improve your research, analytical, funds management and leadership skills.

Each program is scheduled to run for one week, normally between Victoria school holidays. Student will be attending the office from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily and complete tasks or learning objectives been provided.

The program will be conducted at our Prime Value Melbourne headquarter office, featuring Prime Value’s in house highly skilled and qualified fund managers and analysts from the Investment Team.


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