Regular monthly income with medium risk exposure.

The Fund aims to provide regular monthly income with medium risk exposure. Established to provide our investors with a target return of 4.0% p.a. over the RBA official cash rate, the Diversified High Income Fund is an income fund that invests in cash, “fixed income” type securities, trusts investing in direct property or mortgages and other managed funds.

    • Portfolio assets assessed under strict credit tests
    • Key objective is capital preservation with regular income
    • Mistakes compromising capital preservation not tolerated
    • Benchmark return is RBA cash rate + 4% net of fees
    • Emphasis on assets that can be readily bought and sold
    • Liquidity actively assessed and managed
    • We use range of brokers and market sources for assets
    • 25-30 assets typically held
    • Assets range across senior secured, senior, and bank capital instruments, mortgages and Property Trust investments
    • Portfolio diversified across income, maturity, sector, and credit
    • Credit, term, liquidity risks managed rigorously
    • Mistakes compromising capital preservation not tolerated
    • Fund only started operating in August 2019
    • First six months exceeded benchmark return
    • Seek to emulate return and capital stability record of Prime Value Cash Plus Fund

5.0% p.a *Target return


The Diversified High Income Fund offers investors an alternative way to invest their cash primarily in the ‘fixed income’ market that provides a higher return investing in selected securities available. Like the Cash Plus Fund, the Diversified High Income Fund has a “fixed income” type of risk associated with it as well as investments in property markets to help it achieve an even higher return.

The target return of the fund is 4.0% over the RBA official cash rate. The fund allows investors to diversify their cash, equity and property investments. The fixed income market comprises securities that have a low market price correlation to equity and property prices. The higher returns available through the Fund come with an increased risk compared to the Prime  Value Cash Plus Fund however the higher risk profile is carefully managed so as to minimise the chance of permanent capital losses.

Furthermore, the Fund is managed in a way that avoids any market disruptions or major market events so that we can always enable our investors to redeem their capital quickly.


Fund Facts

The Fund aims to provide regular monthly income with medium risk exposure.

Investment Term

1 - 2 years

Interest Rate Reset

The interest rate on securities in the investment portfolio resets on average every 3-6 months

Management Fee

0.85% p.a.*

Performance Fee

15% of net performance above the RBA Cash Rate + 4% pa


Monthly in cash or reinvestment option is available, generally paid within 5 business days
after the end of month

Minimum Investment


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