Superannuation and Pension Investors

Partnering with you to invest during times of change

We ensure money works in your interests, offering superannuation and pension investors diverse investment options. Our proven managed funds preserve and grow wealth for our clients through prudent, long-term investment solutions that bring greater certainty to retirement outcomes.

Our managed funds across assets including Australian equities, income securities, property and alternative assets deliver you strong and consistent risk-adjusted performance.

Take control of your retirement through super

Many of our investors invest through their SMSF vehicle.

If you are interested in setting up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or trust, we will work with your financial planners and accountants to provide an easy to follow pathway.

If you do not have an SMSF and want to invest your personal superannuation into the Prime Value Funds then our partnership with industry-leading superannuation provider, netwealth, can help.

Getting started is easy – simply open an account with netwealth, transfer some or all of your super to netwealth Super Accelerator Plus, then allocate an investment to the Prime Value Funds.

Follow these simple steps below to invest into the Prime Value Funds using your super.

1. Open a netwealth account

Simply complete the online form, and netwealth’s dedicated customer service team will contact you to help you open a Super Accelerator Plus account. They will give you a Super Accelerator Plus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which contains information about the key benefits and features of Super Accelerator Plus, and they can also answer any questions you may have. Once your completed and signed application has been received by netwealth, setup usually takes 1-2 business days.

2. Transfer some or all of your super

Once your Super Accelerator Plus account is established, you can transfer your super from your current super fund/s. The transfer (or “rollover”) is a straightforward process handled by netwealth and you can opt to transfer only a portion of your super balance across. You can also elect to make additional contributions to your netwealth super, such as employee and non-concessional contributions. (This is subject to you being eligible to make super contributions, which is generally determined by your age and/or employment status).

3. Invest in the Prime Value Funds

Once your account is funded, you can purchase units in The Prime Value Funds. The entire transaction can be completed through your netwealth online account. Simply login and purchase the quantity you would like or have been advised as appropriate, much like online share trading. You even have the option to nominate a reinvestment plan for distributions or to dollar cost average for future purchases.


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