Board of Directors
John Sikkema

Non-Executive Chairman

Alice Wong

Non Executive Director

Yak Yong Quek

CEO and Executive Director

Catherine Law

Executive Director and Company Secretary

Executive Team
Yak Yong Quek

CEO and Executive Director

Wayne Morrissey

Financial Controller and Compliance Officer

David Wells

General Manager – Corporate Risk

Joelle Blackburn

General Manager – Talent and Culture

Investment Team
Matthew Lemke

Portfolio Manager – Income Securities and Diversified High Income

Shih Thin Wong

CIO and Portfolio Manager – Equities

Richard Ivers

Portfolio Manager – Equities

Mike Younger

Portfolio Manager – Equities

Leanne Pan

Portfolio Manager – Equities

Benjamin Mellody

Equities Analyst

Simon Hu

Manager – Investments and Risk Management

James Everist

Portfolio Manager - Alternative Assets

Elizabeth Blackhurst

Portfolio Manager - Alternative Assets

Kirsti Keightley

General Manager - Dairy Investments

Michael Yan

Associate - Investment and Investor Relations, China

Shakespeare Property Group - Investment Team
Cheow Pheng Chan

General Manager – Asset and Developments

Richard Saab

Vice President - Hospitality Assets and Investments

Robert Anderson

General Manager – Property and Investments

Investor Relations Team
Andrew Russell

Director - Investor Relations, Australia

Phillip Morgan

Director - Investor Relations, Australia

Daniel Leong

Director – Investor Relations, Southeast Asia

Teresa Nhu Nguyen

Director – Investor Relations & Marketing, Southeast Asia

Mei Wang

Director – Investments & Investor Relations, China

Sean Wang

Director – Investor Relations, China


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