Our Philanthropy

Prime Value is proud to offer our support

For over a decade Prime Value Asset Management has been helping Charities and Not-For-Profits with their investment needs. We rebate performance fees on investments made by non-profit and philanthropic organisations including charities and charitable trusts.


Prime Value is proud to partner with philanthropic organisations that work locally and globally as well as sponsoring a number of community events, including the following:


Entrust Foundation

Entrust Foundation enables hope in hard places. In partnership with Prime Value we long to see life-change for the poor and oppressed.

Founded by business owner Eugene Veith, he owned the largest parcel delivery business in Melbourne in the mid 80’s. His passion was to help those unable to help themselves and demonstrated that by giving away $23 million in his lifetime, leaving a legacy called Entrust.

Working in 14 nations and funding 70+ community development projects, Entrust guarantees 100% of donor’s money gets to the village. Their team personally know every one of the 55 partners. They visit regularly, build deep trusted relationships and help with water & Sanitation, economic empowerment, education and combatting human trafficking.

Entrust is real, relational, accountable, generous and brave. They go to the hard places – where few others are prepared to go. They guide Prime Value and help us wisely choose who we help. They would love to guide you as well.

“Don’t wait to give until you think you have enough, start with what you have.”
Eugene Veith 1915 – 2010



Head of the Yarra – Australia’s Rowing Classic

Following the Melbourne 1956 Olympics, Mr. Stan Jeffery, then Captain of the Hawthorn Rowing Club, recommended to the Club that it should stage a long distance race in Melbourne, and thus the “Head of the Yarra” for eight oared crews was founded.

The Head of the Yarra is held annually on the last Saturday in November, and is based on the “Tideway Head” annual race held on the Thames in London.

It is essentially a time trial conducted over an 8.6km course on the Yarra River, starting in the City of Melbourne at Henley Staging and winding upstream to the Hawthorn Rowing Club.



Dai Loong Association (Millenium Dragon)

The not-for-profit Dai Loong Association was formed in 1978 to provide a new Dragon for Moomba and the Chinese Community during the Chinese New Year. The Association adopted the name “Melbourne Dai Loong Association”, meaning “Melbourne Big Dragon”.

Melbourne’s Chinese Museum houses Melbourne’s Dai Loong and the Millenium Dragon, which is the largest processional Chinese dragon in the world, who wakes twice a year to dance in Melbourne’s streets for Chinese New Year and the Moomba parade.



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