Our Story

One of Australia’s most trusted managed funds

Founded in 1998 with headquarters located in Melbourne, Prime Value was established to meet a growing demand by investors for a privately owned managed fund that would exclusively manage investments on their behalf and not be driven by typical institutional shareholder demands.

The Prime Value Difference

Prime Value Asset Management is a multi-award winning, boutique Australian investment manager with an impressive history of building wealth with investors since 1998.

“Building Wealth Together” is more than just a slogan; it is the heart and soul of Prime Value. Since our establishment in 1998, our investment and management team have been cornerstone investors in our funds. As an independent investment house, Prime Value offers the benefits of a boutique organisation with the stability, security and resources of a much larger company. Over our 25-year history, our value-added investment approach, anchored on a strong risk management culture, has enabled us to grow and consistently deliver attractive investment opportunities to our clients.

We continue to grow and seek attractive investment returns wherever we see opportunities, and strive to find the right balance between wealth creation and capital preservation. We only buy to co-invest with our investors. This brings another level of due diligence, conviction, commitment and transparency.

Prime Value’s inclusive and collaborative culture, combined with our experienced and loyal management and investment team has generated industry leading returns. At Prime Value we believe we are well positioned to navigate our way through the investment challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by being patient and astute at determining the timing and selection of investment opportunities. We take comfort knowing that we are supported by a highly qualified and experienced investment team who not only have strong global and local market experiences, but have invested across challenging market cycles and bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to the investment process. They have steered through the Latin American Debt Crisis of the 1980s, 1987 Wall Street Crash, 1990 oil price shock, 1997 Asian Currency crisis, 2001 Tech Crash and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. In partnership, we will all benefit as the economic horizon becomes brighter and we prosper together as appropriate options arise.

Together with sister company Shakespeare Property Group, we now manage in excess of $3.0 billion across asset classes including income securities, equities, property, and alternative assets.

  • Our highly recognised and low risk income and mortgage funds achieve an average of 2% to 7% net return per year.
  • Outstanding equities’ funds that target quality businesses with strong management achieve excellent track record investment net returns of 10%+ per annum.
  • The current portfolio of property which covers commercial office buildings and hotels across five states and four capital cities of Australia generally achieve an impressive internal rate of return (IRR of 15%+).
  • Alternative assets include our Australian citrus and dairy farms with a target IRR of 12%+.

Our independence and flexibility, combined with our approach to investment has translated into superior performance and a track record of protecting and growing the wealth of our investors.

Prime Value also offer a range of Significant Investor Visa (SIV 188C) and other visa (188 and 132 visa subclasses) complying investment and business solutions to our business and investor migrant clients.

Prime Value’s highly experienced and trusted relationship and client services team has a passion to look after our local and global clients, providing a premium service tailoring investment and business solutions to the specific goals of clients.

We invite you to join us in building wealth together.


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