Prime Value Opportunities Fund / Ratings

The Prime Value Funds are currently researched by Zenith and Lonsec Investment Partners.

Zenith Investment Partners

Zenith Investment Partners is an independently owned investment research provider. The Group is dedicated to the delivery of premium, “best of breed” investment research solutions for financial advisers and their clients.

Zenith undertakes thorough screening of each asset class to identify quality managed investment opportunities. This is followed by an extensive due diligence process, where funds are assigned a rating. This rating is based on Zenith’s proprietary scoring system.

RECOMMENDED: Recommended products are deemed strong investments within their respective asset class, typically rating first quartile on most criteria.

Financial planners and advisors benefit from the independent opinion their ratings and research offer on the vast field of products available in the marketplace.


Lonsec has been working in partnership with financial advisers for more than 15 years. It provides quality stockbroking and research services tailored to provide investment solutions to the intermediary market.

Lonsec provides financial advisers with in-depth, quality managed funds research, spanning a range of traditional and alternative asset classes.

RECOMMENDED: The Recommended rating indicates that Lonsec has strong conviction the financial product can generate risk adjusted returns in line with relevant objectives. The Financial product is considered an appropriate entry point to this asset class or strategy.