The Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund has been upgraded to “Recommended” by Zenith Investment Partners.

The small caps fund, which takes a high conviction, benchmark unaware approach, has been one of the outstanding small cap funds in recent years, including across the pandemic when it was ranked first in Mercer’s Australian Small Companies (ex-ASX100) survey for FY2020 and seventh for FY2021.

The Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund is closing in on $200 million funds under management.

Richard Ivers, Portfolio Manager of the Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund, says a focus on capital protection and an extensive company meeting program were key to the Fund’s growth. “Protecting capital has always been our first priority, evidenced by our outperformance during down markets. But it’s also important to meet companies in person.

“Small cap stocks demand the extra legwork, but it’s something we enjoy.

“The potential for rewards is there because the market is less efficient in the small cap space. Regular meetings allow us to gain a deep understanding of the business model and its outlook including how it will perform in different economic conditions.”

In its report, Zenith said: “Zenith believes Prime Value employs a sound investment approach, which combines thematic and fundamental insights with a heavy company visitation schedule. As such, we believe the Fund is well placed to deliver upon its investment objectives.”

Zenith also referred to Prime Value Asset Management’s Responsible Investment Policy, which includes being a signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

Zenith said: “…Prime Value takes an active approach to ESG issues. ESG is also evaluated as part of the team’s fundamental analysis process with any concerns included in the research report on each company. Where ESG issues are deemed to be significant, they can preclude a company as a potential investment.

“Zenith believes that this qualitative analysis of a company’s operations is crucial on a forward basis, given that a company’s performance with regards to ESG considerations is increasingly being reflected in the company’s share price. Overall, Zenith is comfortable with Prime Value’s approach to ESG.”

Prime Value Asset Management recently boosted its equities investment team by appointing Mike Younger, previously Portfolio Manager – Small Caps at REST Super, and prior to that Executive Director and Head of Small Caps Research at Goldman Sachs.

The Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund is currently open to retail investors, and available on platforms including Netwealth, uXchange, Mason Stevens, Hub24, and BT Panorama.

To find out more about the Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund, which is open to all investors, please contact our Client Services Team at and 61 3 9098 8088.

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