Top small cap performer says active management best way to ‘limit downside’

2 November 2018

Active management’s virtues have become more apparent as markets have drifted lower, according to a leading small caps fund manager, who says ‘managing the downside’ is limited in passive investments and often underestimated in overall performance. Richard Ivers, portfolio manager at boutique Prime Value Asset Management, says avoiding the big losers is just as influential […]


Quick guide to keeping your cool during reporting season

14 August 2018

Investing in the small and micro-cap sector is exciting but can be volatile at times. More important than the actual volatility is how we react to it. Keeping cool during price fluctuations often pays off, because today’s price falls could become buying opportunities which drive tomorrow’s returns. This reporting season has been no different, with […]


Looking beyond the share price: a key lesson from CBL’s capitulation

16 April 2018

Stocks can switch from triumph to disappointment in myriad ways – CBL recently demonstrated how an irresistible stock may crash and burn, reminding investors about prioritising capital protection over soaring share prices. Yet there was always one key reason why CBL was a riskier stock than first appeared when it was flying high. CBL is […]


Prime Value’s views on current market volatility. The Importance of prudent stock selection

28 August 2017

Given current market volatility, we thought it timely to provide a brief update as to our thinking with regards present market conditions. August has clearly been a challenging month for equity investors, with major sell-offs across global equity markets. With two trading sessions remaining, the Australian share market is down approximately 7% over the month, […]


Rotation to large caps ‘uncomfortable’ but creating opportunities

22 May 2017

The rotation away from quality to large cap stocks, which has defined the last six months on the Australian equities market, has been painful for many investors but more opportunities are appearing as a result. The rotation has been uncomfortable and created much uncertainty, which can cause investors to panic. It creates uncertainty into how […]


Avoiding the next Vocation: Five “watch outs” for selecting stocks

6 May 2017

Avoiding poor stocks when investing is as important as selecting big winners. One or two bad performers is all it takes to damage a portfolio. Investors should always consider preserving capital rather than just focusing on potential returns when choosing stocks. With any stock, you need to ask: what can go wrong? Where are the […]


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