Its worth playing the long investment game

9 August 2021

Its worth playing the long investment game Analysis of global bond and equity markets since 1991 reveals some of the secrets to successful investing during good times and bad. A snapshot of investment returns for the past 30 years reveals the gain from a diversified portfolio and the pain of trying to time markets and […]


Rising inflation challenging for income investors

30 June 2021

Rising inflation challenging for income investors The rising inflation has driven income investors to search for cash alternatives and the return to normal economic activity will see inflation move progressively higher in the long term, eroding savings, according to the boutique investment house Prime Value Asset Management. An emerging alternative for investors is diversified income […]


Inflation spike brings capital preservation pain for income investors

30 June 2021

Inflation spike brings capital preservation pain for income investors 30 Jun 2021 From Prime Value Asset Management The rise in global inflation is making it harder for income investors to preserve capital, according to a fixed income expert. Investors may need to look for cash alternatives as inflation accelerates, according to Matthew Lemke, fund manager (income funds) with […]


Prime Value Enhanced Income Fund topping the tables for one and five-year performance

25 June 2021

Prime Value Enhanced Income Fund topping the tables for one and five-year performance The Prime Value Enhanced Income Fund has navigated a difficult market environment to top its peers across the one year and five year time periods in the ‘enhanced cash fund’ category*, according to the Yield Report survey of 20 similar funds. The […]


Diversified income provides steady returns in low interest rate era

24 December 2020

Prime Value Asset Management’s Matthew Lemke manages income funds and has worked in global investment markets for more than 30 years. Matthew watches fixed income markets closely, and says diversified income portfolios could provide some relief from relentlessly low interest rates. “The RBA said coronavirus has cast a shadow over the economy. Well, the incidence […]


Retail yield enhancement via wholesale funds

2 October 2019

Cash returns from ‘traditional’ cash investments such as cash management trusts and term deposits are extremely low with little prospect of climbing higher soon. Investors are reluctantly leaving funds in equities or property markets, but alternatives exist in the professional or ‘wholesale’ securities market where investors can improve their returns. The wholesale debt market alternative […]


Savers beware: why income investors need to consider cash enhanced funds

16 September 2019

Income is on everyone’s minds as the media runs riot with talk of negative interest rates and Quantitative Easing. And income investors have been given a clear message from the RBA – cash returns will become worse before they get better. The RBA’s October rate cut, coupled with its latest statement, suggests income-directed investors need […]


4 reasons why cash is a core portfolio allocation

5 June 2019

Cash has often been a source of confusion for investors. Some people do not consider it an investment class in its own right but more as a ‘balancing’ or ‘residual’ item after all other investments have been made. However, there are compelling reasons why cash should be considered a core portfolio allocation item. Investors who […]


Key reasons why Aussie investors are facing an interest rate dilemma

16 June 2018

What is the dilemma? Will interest rates rise in Australia any time soon? Cash investors would be helped if the RBA raised rates. Our view is that a rate hike will happen but not for many months and probably into 2019. In fact the longer the delay the more opportunity for other factors to intervene […]


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