Few words from your Investment Team on the Federal Election

23 May 2019

Following the surprising Coalition win in the Australian Federal Election over the weekend, each of our portfolio manager’s has given a short summary of the implications for each of the main Prime Value Asset Management funds. Broadly speaking, it is considered positive for investment returns. CASH PLUS FUND – Matthew Lemke The unexpected Liberal/National Party […]


What is behind the recent share market rally? Critical questions for investors

2 March 2019

Share markets started 2019 with three worries: First, the US Federal Reserve was tightening financial conditions as global economies showed signs of rapidly slowing. Second, China-US trade negotiation tensions appeared to escalate. Third, more specifically for the Australian market, the Chinese economy was slowing faster than expected. However, these three risks started to abate in […]


Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund tops performance tables

4 December 2018

The Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund – Class A is currently topping the tables amongst its peers for performance. The Fund, which invests in small/micro-cap stocks across the ASX puts just as much effort into ‘managing the downside’ as it does in picking good stocks. Richard Ivers, portfolio manager for the Prime Value Emerging Opportunities […]


Meet the portfolio manager – Richard Ivers

2 December 2018

Richard Ivers is a portfolio manager with Prime Value Asset Management, who has over 16 years’ experience investing in smaller companies. Richard is responsible for our small/micro cap fund, the Prime Value Emerging Opportunities Fund – Class A. The Fund has performed strongly during a difficult time on the markets: since May 2018 the Prime […]


Active managers better at managing downside

27 November 2018

The ability to manage the downside when markets fall is limited in passive investments, according to a small cap boutique manager. Active managers are better at limiting downside at times when markets go down than passive investors, according to boutique small cap manager, Prime Value Asset Management. According to the firm, the ability to avoid […]


Top small cap performer says active management best way to ‘limit downside’

2 November 2018

Active management’s virtues have become more apparent as markets have drifted lower, according to a leading small caps fund manager, who says ‘managing the downside’ is limited in passive investments and often underestimated in overall performance. Richard Ivers, portfolio manager at boutique Prime Value Asset Management, says avoiding the big losers is just as influential […]


Prime Value Opportunities Fund upgraded by Lonsec

26 September 2018

Strongly performing high conviction equities fund, the Prime Value Opportunities Fund, has been upgraded to “recommended” by ratings house Lonsec. This follows a recommended rating from Zenith Investment Partners earlier this year. The Prime Value Opportunities Fund is a concentrated investment vehicle, which can allocate 100% of the portfolio to cash in extreme market conditions. […]


Quick guide to keeping your cool during reporting season

14 August 2018

Investing in the small and micro-cap sector is exciting but can be volatile at times. More important than the actual volatility is how we react to it. Keeping cool during price fluctuations often pays off, because today’s price falls could become buying opportunities which drive tomorrow’s returns. This reporting season has been no different, with […]


Key reasons why Aussie investors are facing an interest rate dilemma

16 June 2018

What is the dilemma? Will interest rates rise in Australia any time soon? Cash investors would be helped if the RBA raised rates. Our view is that a rate hike will happen but not for many months and probably into 2019. In fact the longer the delay the more opportunity for other factors to intervene […]


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